Atlas Flip-Flops


The Atlas Moth, or Attacus atlas, is the largest moth in the world. Though they prefer to live in subtropical habitats of South Asia and Australia, there are some small populations residing in colder climates due to climate change over the last few decades. The moths fly through dense forests by night where it's hard for predators like birds or bats to see them so they can survive under these conditions. Atlas moth caterpillars produce silk very similar to that made by silkworms. Atlas Moths are currently threatened with over 90% of their habitat being destroyed since the 18th century, plus unfortunately this giant moth is highly prized by collectors. Global Warming Wear would rather honor nature by capturing the beauty and essence of this giant moth on its Atlas textile print.
Prepare for an adventurous and carefree summer with a pair of colorful Atlas print flip flops that are created just for you! The rubber sole is lined with a soft fabric to make sure you feel comfortable wherever your day takes you.

• Rubber sole
• Customizable 100% polyester fabric lining
• Black Y-shaped rubber straps
• Toe post style